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Výstaviště Flora Olomouc, a.s., with its unique historical parks, four exhibition halls, greenhouses, botanical garden and rosarium is situated in the heart of Olomouc and provides versatile premises for trade fairs and exhibitions as well as business and social events all year round.
Our company leases premises, including facilities and equipment - both indoor and outdoor - and we offer consultancy, preparation of exhibitions and accompanying events, floral decorations and arrangements, as well as tours of the botanical garden, the rosarium and the greenhouses.

The parks of Výstaviště Flora Olomouc are among the gems of the city, not only cultural gems - the Olomouc parks are part of Czech cultural heritage - but also historical. The Rudolf Alley, the first park in Olomouc, founded by Rudolph Johannes von Habsburg, the Archbishop of
Olomouc, became a favourite spot for a stroll as early as the 19th century.
The parks are still very popular - their greenery is increasingly the place to meet friends and relax. When the Flora Olomouc exhibitions are held, visitors to the parks are enchanted by the beds of flowering tulips. During the summer the parks are graced with traditional annual plants as well as perennials.
From the original modest alley, the area of the green ring of the city consisting of three parks; Smetana, Čech and Bezruč Parks, has grown to more than 47 hectares. The total length of the main alleys is almost 2,500 metres. If you walk along all the other paths, it will take over four hours.

Výstaviště Flora Olomouc, a.s. is a major Czech exhibition organisation, holding about twenty exhibitions and trade fairs a year, including accompanying events. Our pride and joy is the oldest and largest Czech flower event - the international horticultural exhibition and trade
fair called Flora Olomouc. The display of first-class flowers, decorative tree species and arrangements, with the Hortifarm trade fair and market garden, is held three times a year, in spring, summer and autumn, and draws tens of thousands of visitors.
Other events held during the year include the tourism trade fair Tourism Expo, the For Model exhibition for modellers and collectors, the Olima gastronomic festival or the Vánoce Flora Christmas market.
The unique green premises of the exhibition grounds provide a wide range of possibilities for social, professional, cultural and sports events.

Main exhibition hall A where exhibitions have been held since 1967 went through an ambitious renovation in 2013 - 2014. The exhibition area on the ground floor of the hall is 1,700 m² and the gallery on the first floor is 910 m². The hall meets the highest standards of modern communication technologies, is fully air conditioned, has new acoustics, escalators to the gallery and barrier-free access. Besides our own exhibitions, we offer the hall for guest exhibitions and trade fairs, congresses, symposia, balls, concerts and other social and cultural events.
During the renovation of exhibition hall A, an annex was built with an exhibition area of 720 m² on the ground floor and 370 m² on the first floor. An adjoining administrative building with a restaurant was also built and is connected to exhibition hall A by a footbridge. The redevelopment included a new car park for cars and buses.

The greenhouses of Výstaviště Flora Olomouc are situated in the park Smetanovy sady. They are among the largest and most interesting in the Czech Republic because of their size and the collections they contain. Dozens of the most exotic plant species sprout, bloom and bear
fruit every season, which is why the greenhouses are accessible to the public all year round (except January and December).
The oldest and the largest greenhouse is the Palm Greenhouse, which is part of Czech cultural heritage and the pride of the Olomouc exhibition grounds. Visitors can admire about 50 different kinds of palms, some of them well over one hundred years old. The greenhouse is
alive with the beauty of hibiscus, fragrant jasmine, lianas, strelicias, orchids, etc. The exotic plants are complemented by exotic animals - birds, fish, amphibians, turtles, lizards and snakes. Both adult and young visitors are attracted by the aquavivarium containing a South American spectacled caiman.
The collection in the cactus greenhouse consists of thousands of cacti and succulents, representing about 700 varieties and forms.
The Tropical Greenhouse is colourful, with a diversity of shapes and sizes of plants and an abundance of flowers. Tropical water lilies, tillandsias, bromelias, lianas and orchids of many kinds are in bloom.
The subtropical greenhouse is sometimes called the citrus greenhouse. It mainly contains plants from the Mediterranean and Asia Minor. There are well known citrus trees (mandarin orange, lemon and orange trees) and less known citrons, as well as kiwi, persimmon, psidiums,
fig trees, etc.
The greenhouses are popular for wedding ceremonies and photo shoots. We offer a one-hour tour of the exhibitions with an expert guide and the opportunity to purchase flowers.

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The botanical garden, with an area of seven hectares, is situated below the ring of the medieval and Theresian city wall. It is located in the immediate neighbourhood of Bezruč Park, just over the Mlýnský Stream, which is one of the arms of the Morava River. As the individual parts were built (woods, grove flowers, rockeries, rosarium, decorative grasses, the Garden of the Senses for the visually impaired etc.), the botanical garden gradually gained its special character; that of a green oasis with romantic vistas of the historical centre of the city.
Part of the area has a children’s playground, a giant chess game, skittles, a display of wooden statues, samples of tree trunks, a wooden xylophone and a pebble path. The fresh greenery surrounded with flowers is used for wedding ceremonies, garden parties, business events and private parties.

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The Rosarium, as part of the botanical garden, was founded at the beginning of the 1970s, initiated by the Rosa Klub club of the Czech Union of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners. On an area of 3.5 hectares, an unconventional rose garden was planted within strictly geometric concrete borders.
From the first days of summer about 15,000 rose bushes from approximately 500 types and varieties start to bloom; it is evidence of the work of Czech and foreign plant growers, and a truly unique collection in our country. Visitors can see not only roses with large blooms, but also colourful garden roses, climbing roses, ground cover roses, fragrant roses, multi-flowered roses, resistant varieties and original botanical species.

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